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Multiple conceptualizations of nature are key to inclusivity and legitimacy in global environmental governance

Abstract Despite increasing scientific understanding of the global environmental crisis, we struggle to adopt the policies science suggests would be effective. One of the reasons for that is the lack of inclusive engagement and dialogue among a wide range of different actors. Furthermore, there is a lack of consideration of differences between languages, worldviews and […]

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हिमालको रणनीतिक लाभ

हिमालसँग जोडिएका हाम्रा मानवीय कीर्तिमानहरू जति अग्ला छन्, तिनका तुलनामा हामी अन्य विधामा भने विश्वमै होचा छौं । खेलकुददेखि प्राज्ञिक कर्मसम्म, अध्ययन–अनुसन्धानदेखि उद्योग–व्यापारसम्म, कला–साहित्यदेखि कृषि–उद्यमसम्म हाम्रो अवस्था विश्वमै निम्छरो छ ।

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